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Second Home Services can work with you to design a plan that fits your needs. Our basic Home Watch Services include a thorough weekly inspection of the home. In addition, we keep an inspection log which is forwarded to the homeowner quarterly. Pricing for this service will be standard for each visit and is based primarily on the square footage of the home. Each home will be reviewed and the scope of service discussed prior to establishing a price. Some Home Watch Services in addition to those included in the basic weekly inspection may be arranged and charged at an hourly rate or a flat fee depending on the job.

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Basic Home Watch Services Offered

  • Exterior visual inspection of the condition of the lawn, home, pool or outside buildings.
  • Removal of any trash, telephone books, flyers or other materials left at door
  • Check mail if requested
  • Bring in trash cans
  • Check that all doors and windows are secure
  • Check refrigerators and ice makers
  • Check for signs of water leaks on floors, ceilings, walls and under sinks
  • Check water heater and A/C filter
  • Check thermostat and set to owner’s specifications
  • Flush toilets
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Additional Home Watch Services

  • Receive deliveries
  • Forward any items left behind during an owner’s visit
  • Start and run vehicles kept at the home
  • Respond to alarm system calls
  • Key service for other service providers
  • Acquire estimates for repairs needed
  • Monitor work of other service providers
  • Provide digital photos of problems and repair work
  • Storm preparation, including bringing outdoor furniture in
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Since we purchased our second home in 1999, Duke and Second Home Services have taken wonderful care of our home despite the ravages of a beach environment.  By checking our house on a weekly basis, they have found the inevitable problems early and prevented serious damage.  Today, our house is as beautiful as the day we bought it, and we owe much of that credit to Duke and Second Home Services.  We don’t know what we would do without them!

Richard and Christine Fellrath

Always confident that our beloved place at the beach is being cared for in our absence, Duke and Rebecca have taken such good care of us that when we renovated a new second home, we took them with us and have recommended them to others enthusiastically. When weather shows it’s scorn, we are always in good hands and when appliances and other mechanical things show their wear, we can count on Duke to attend to business so we can come down to the beach and relax!

Cathy and Beau Hollingsworth

We have been a client of Second Home Services for more than 15 years. The owner, Duke Bardwell, treats our vacation home like it is his own.  From overseeing the property on a daily basis, coordinating repairs and maintenance, to preparing the home for storms, Duke is always there to make sure our property is taken care of in a 1st class way.  We would highly recommend his company to anyone looking for a property management company.

The Styslingers

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